10917400_10152757473438022_2242400904105746169_nI am a graduate student at the University of Michigan History Department. My research focuses on women, healthcare, and reproduction in the American West.

I am a consultant for digital and interpretive educational projects and have completed work with the Smithsonian Institution and National Park Service in numerous capacities. I am particularly interested in projects related to public history, video games as a medium for education, and museum interpretation. Within these fields, I explore how digital media, technology, and interactive gamified experiences can enhance a museum space and provide engaging educational experiences that allow for visitor contribution, input, and interaction.

This summer, I am working with the National Park Service, National Trails Intermountain Region and Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program as a Latino Heritage Intern. In this position, I am creating an educational, interpretive website about Hispanic heritage on Route 66 in New Mexico. I am also a Content Specialist with the Smithsonian Latino Center and working with them to put together a mobile app.

Download a copy of my CV here.

You can follow me on Twitter @NotYourNPC or contact me via email at GiannaMaySanchez@gmail.com.

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